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Thank You

to these Louisiana businesses who

have supported early childhood education by making a

School Readiness Tax Credit Donation to Volunteers

of America!



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I believe early childhood education is

one of the best investments we can make,

and the School Readiness Tax Credit makes

it easy. I will be making another contribution

this year. Keep up the good work,

Volunteers of America.


- Jamey Firnberg, Owner of School Aids

Last year, I donated $2000 to

Volunteers of America.  After I filed

my taxes, I got every cent back from the

state!  I believe that improving the health

and educational opportunities of children

in their earliest years is the best investment

that I can make in my community.  I got

it right back, but those little children

will benefit from it for years. 


- Ashley Lucas, M.D.

OLOL Pediatrician

Turner Industries depends

on our workforce for success. We

are now learning about the major role

that early childhood education plays

in preparing children to be successful in

school, work, and in life. Understanding

that investment in this area will pay huge

dividends in the future for employees and

employers. We want to do more than be

a Band-Aid – we want our contributions

to go towards solving problems and to

have far reaching and lasting effects.


–Tobie Craig, United Way Board Chair

Turner Industries