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Impact to

the Community


Every Dollar Adds Up!

For every dollar spent on quality early child education, taxpayers

save up to $17 with improved school performance, reduced

crime costs and welfare costs, increased wages and more.*


A gift of $5,000:

A $5,000 tax credit for your business

An $85,000 impact on your community


A gift of $5,000 a year for 5 years:

$25,000 in tax credits for your business

A $425,000 impact on your


*Source:  Early Childhood

Development with High Public

Return.  Rob Grunewald & Art

Rolnick.  Federal Reserve Bank

of Minneapolis – Analysis of

Perry Preschool Program.

Quality education early

in life increases the chance

that a child will:

  • Enter kindergarten with the skills to succeed
  • Exhibit fewer behavior problems in class
  • Complete high school
  • Go to college
  • Earn higher wages as an adult
  • Avoid conflicts with the law